Rita Sá
"The shoemaker's children are the worst shod” is the theme of the FW19/20 collection, which describes a person who has certain skills but does not use them for their own benefit. The same job done by the same individual reveals a paradox between what is done with zeal and commitment when it is done for others and, on the other hand, with no effort or investment when it is done for themselves. Perhaps due to a lack of time? Or because they can't be bothered?
As they don't see it as a priority, they prefer to take it easy, not taking advantage of what they are capable of doing. For want of something better, they end up settling for less effective solutions that are not suited to certain tasks. This idea is materialised in the use of items which, out of the context of their original functions, are used for doing things other than those they were designed for.
As the problems arise, you can see how the character prefers a quick fix rather than investing time in solving the problem. This is reflected in an attitude of lack of concern and complacency. Details of incomplete items reveal the lack of commitment felt in relation to their image and their needs. The silhouette also gradually becomes less concerned. The result of this attitude is an image that doesn't live up to what would be expected, careless and cobbled together.