A free, wild being.
The human being is the main character, in the sense that they transform the environment they live in, thus causing profound changes to the same. 
Abusive use of ecru. The need for exploration and transformation. Changing themselves, adapting to the environment they themselves created.
This idea is brought to life with the use of an organic material: cotton twill. Coloured or not, sewn together, it is the main material used in the collection. Contrasting patterns and volumes are developed, like the oscillations caused in nature by the individual.
A spontaneous being, free and capable of adapting easily to the environment.
The collection explores the construction and deconstruction of clothes, through simple cuts and details, gender versatile, in the search for the modern, the casual and the functional.
Environmental impacts are taken into account, therefore favouring organic materials, sustainable technical materials, manual dyeing, the shibori technique and the construction of materials.
The palette of colours emphasises the sensation of warmth in a cold environment.
White, grey and blue are predominant and recall a tranquil space that is being invaded by warm colours, such as the orange and yellow associated with freedom, hope and optimism.