0.9 Virus - UPLIFT
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Bodies must keep balance. Inspiration arises from emotion. Inherent reaction wraps around all human beings, including body, mind and soul. The emotion linked to the instinct and survival. A way to evaluate the surroundings and to act accordingly. Balance and Harmony are a must. The understanding and the respect for the differences between each and every individual, and their state of being, are essential in order to reach harmony.

This is a collection of unbundled pieces working together, a reflection of decision making and building motivation. A fusion of materials - denim, signature whool, translucent satin - create a dynamic wave onto the strength and vulnerability of the being.

Colors are a responsible party for visual engagement. When combined, a hand full of sensations is available to be reached out.

A panoply of neutral shades involving drops of vivid colors casting all kind of feelings - love, joy, pride, fear, anxiety and anger. 

i. 0.9virus

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