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This collection is a small sample that personal connections matter, and creative connections enrich us, we want to find the soul and make it see the light of day, even if it implies crying.

The presentation will be made through the short film ALMA directed by Mónica Santos, a versatile artist who has worked with unparalleled figures of the Portuguese cinema such as Manoel de Oliveira and José Fonseca e Costa. His latest film "Entre sombras" has so far amassed 43 awards in various corners of the world and is also nominated for the Caesars awards in France.

With both films he won the Sophia award in Portugal and joined the tour of the world Film Academies "Les Nuits en Or" representing the Portuguese cinema. At the moment, he is working on two short films: "O Casaco Rosa" and "Palma".

Today human beings are more connected than we could ever dare to imagine, but won't this connection have disconnected so many others that were natural to us? Ironically this wonderful digital evolution was more rapidly predicted by dystopian stories than utopian. We gained speed, breadth and knowledge, we become global and expansive - we opened ourselves to the world! However, on the way to this fantastic development we lost true human contact and spirituality began to materialize. We show ourselves so openly that to protect ourselves, we hide our souls, so well, that we no longer feel their presence, letting faith and belief fade away.

Fluent and simple forms and following the development of previous collections, it also explores the eco design concepts and uses Portuguese raw materials with sustainable objectives. The pieces are bathed in neutral tones, black and white being the great points of contrast and balance, a small range of greys toned by greens and malvas recreate an idea of aura and finally a score of red and pink lipstick that introduce energy and femininity. 


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