PORTUGAL FASHION embodies a means of informing young people about opportunities and supporting a real change in the textile sector. Set up in 1995, the project has become one of the biggest fashion events on the Iberian Peninsula in those 25 years. It has stood out for its discovery of new assets and making real partnerships between production and design, as well as for the growing fame of Portuguese fashion on national and international catwalks.

PORTUGAL FASHION is now much more than a fashion event. It is synonymous of culture, modernism and focusing on promoting the national image, asserting itself as a reference for the creativity and aesthetic sophistication of Portugal abroad.

It is now fair to say that PORTUGAL FASHION has encouraged a fashion culture in the country and brought about changes in the national textile and clothing sector, through a concerted strategy of bringing the industry and designers closer together. The project by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs and ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal continues to be based on an integrated vision of the fashion sector, while not neglecting the promotion of Portuguese labels where the design is clearly a competitive factor.

Both in Portugal and abroad, investment in young designers is also one of the fundamental elements of PORTUGAL FASHION. The event seeks to act as a lever of emerging talent in order to renew the national fashion panorama, to facilitate the integration of new designers in the labour market and to fill any gaps that companies in the textile, clothing and footwear industries may have in terms of design. To this end, the BLOOM project was launched in October 2010 with the aim of publicising the work of young fashion school graduates that show potential, as well as consolidating the results of all the promotional efforts that have been made on behalf of emerging designers.

PORTUGAL FASHION’s debut on international catwalks came in 1999, with the inclusion of five designers (Fátima Lopes, José António Tenente, Maria Gambina, Miguel Vieira and Nuno Gama) and eight labels (including Carlo Viscontti, Peter Murray, Selectif, Maconde and Bruno Belloni) on the São Paulo Fashion Week calendar.

Since then, the project by ANJE and ATP has made the internationalisation of Portuguese fashion one of its main aims, holding campaigns in cities as varied as New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Vienna, Milan and Paris (where it has been organising fashion shows since 2000).