Bloom Competition Portugal Fashion Rules
Bloom Competition
Bloom Competition Portugal Fashion Rules (1.52 MB)

Hey you in Bloom! 

Young, dynamic, experimental, laboratorial, urban, multiartistic, global. This is the stance of the Bloom Portugal Fashion platform, which has its dynamism and constant expansion embodied in a permanent scouting strategy, as well as in the periodic opening of applications. The Bloom Portugal Fashion Competition aims to strengthen the contribution of the Bloom brand to the renewal of Portuguese fashion, guaranteeing to its winners project support for the development of their collections and their presentation in the event's national calendar. 

The Bloom Portugal Fashion platform was born in 2010, with the aim of supporting, publicizing and raising the value, nationally and internationally, of young Portuguese designers. Since then, it has ensured the presentation of the collections of over 40 young designers and about 10 brands of new fashion designers. It has grown, expanded internationally and became one of the most dynamic European platforms for launching new talent, marking its presence at major international fashion weeks with catwalk shows, installations, exhibitions and showrooms. In Portugal it has become autonomous within the framework of the Portugal Fashion calendar, with its own location and an independent day. It is one of the main reasons for attracting specialised audiences, namely the international press. 

Winning candidates of the Bloom Contest: