Fátima Lopes
Fátima Lopes was born on March 8th, 1965 on the island of Madeira. In 1990 she moved to Lisbon, where, two years later, she
opened a store with her name. That same year, 1992, she held her first fashion show, at Convento do Beato. Since then, she’s never
stopped presenting her collections in large individual fashion shows, both in Portugal and abroad. She is, moreover, the most
international of Portuguese designers, with more than 30 appearances in the Prêt-à-Porter Week in Paris. Fátima Lopes’ first
appearance on international catwalks with the support of Portugal Fashion happened in 1999, in São Paulo. 

After a few years showing and selling her designs in the city of light, that year the designer also held her first fashion show in Paris. Since March 1999, she has been parading twice a year at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. The international Portugal Fashion has supported this participation since 2004. Integrated into the Official Calendar of the Prêt-à- Porter Week, Fátima Lopes has received several times the opening honours of the event. More recently, in September 2011, and also with the production of Portugal Fashion, Fátima Lopes once again surprised the fashion world by holding the first ever fashion show in the Eiffel Tower.

Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 96 
1150-281 Lisbon
+351 213 240 540 
+351 213 240 548/59
+351 213 259 828