ESART - Higher Institute of Applied Arts, part of the Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute, opened in 1999, offering bachelor's degrees in Music and Image Arts at the time. In the following academic year, it launched bachelor's degrees in Interior Design and Equipment and in Textiles and Fashion Design.
Seeking to move with the region's evolution, modernisation and industrial and entrepreneurial development, the training project at ESART is aimed at reinforcing the textile industry by contributing innovation and creativity to the development of new textile products. This was why Study Cycles in the area of Textiles and Fashion Design (bachelor's degree) were introduced in 1999.
Currently, the bachelor's degree in Textiles and Fashion Design is a three-year course. It is followed by a two-year master's degree course, with the aim of making internationalisation, mobility and employability possible, while at the same time providing training that is sequential, organised and geared towards integrating graduates into the reality of today's job market.  The study cycles are aimed at providing theoretical and practical experience in the fashion design and textile design area, based on the assumptions of polytechnic education. 
This year, ESART has made it possible for its students to present their collections in a fashion show context at Portugal Fashion's Bloom event.