Mad Dragon Seeker by Alexandrine Cadilhe & Daniel Simões
MDS, a brand that is always innovative and sure of its value. In addition to the message it conveys, combining revivalist themes and avant-garde trends, the demand for quality that accompanies the whole process, from the design to the selection of raw materials and the implementation of the models make the MDS brand an exception. 

Marie Alexandrine Cadilhe Marçal Pereira graduated in Design and Styling from the Fleuri-Delaporte school and in Modelling from the CFM-Centre de Formation de Modelistes school, both in Paris. She began her career in the French capital, where she designed collections for local brands. She has been working as a freelancer in Portugal since 1989, for various companies and brands of the textile and clothing sector, in the Portuguese market and abroad. 

Daniel Simões has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Lusíada University and is responsible for the company's Marketing direction since 2004.  

Rua da Cachada, 153
4755-017 Alvelos, Barcelos, Portugal
+351 253 834 051
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