Meam is a daring and original clothes brand that aims to fill the world with a singular, charismatic and determined elegance, allowing each of us the power to leave a strong personal footprint on the future we build, always in a fashionable away.

The first steps were given focusing on strong and daring women, so that any woman could be comfortable in her own skin.
Recently, a new challenge was placed. Behind a strong , fashionable and determined woman there’s always a special man. Thus, Meam decided it was time to launch a Men’s range. Meam’s man has a strong fashion sense, likes to be different and practical. He’s a man that has to keep up with Meam’s strongminded woman.

Meam will melt into any woman and man that wear’s it allowing anyone to give its personal twist to fashion so that it can conquer the world in style.


With over 20 years’ experience in fashion, Maria do Carmo noticed that something was missing in women’s fashion.
In a family with women from 3 generation’s it was clear for her that beauty does not change despite weight and age.
Every woman has its special beauty and it should be easy to show it. So, Maria do Carmo decided to launch a brand that would allow women of all ages to be comfortable with their own bodies, stylish and, above all not losing their own character.

Meam started in 2010.
With a significant success in the first years a downturn on sales lead to the need of a new creative director that could fulfil the brand’s needs and would incorporate Meam’s DNA in its creations.
So, in 2016, a new Creative Director, the Portuguese stylist Francisco Rosas, joins Meam bringing it into a growing tendency passing from representing 3% of the company’s total sales in 2015 to 5% in 2016 and with a sales growth in 2017 of 70% as per the previous year.


Rua Loteamento do Eirogo nº300 Lugar de Cabanos - Galegos Stª Maria 

4750 – 461 Galegos Stª Maria - Barcelos | Portugal

Tel.: 00351  253 809 090
E-mail: info@meamfashion.com


Loja oficial

Rua do Castelo, nº 63

4700 - 311 BRAGA  | Portugal

Tel.: 00351  253 110 036   

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Site 1 Facebook Instagram Linkedin
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