When we design a collection, our main goal is to project our own identity and what we believe in as a label. It is also important to take the label's target audience into account, as well as the markets where we present our product and that we want to get to know as well as possible.
The label reaches several commercial and market points and levels. It is a wide-reaching collection of considerable dimension. This dimension arises because it is structured on two distinct product levels that always transmit what AMBITIOUS is, more or less in an evident manner. 

We have the AMBITIOUS A01 concept, which is the front line, the presentation elite, something more sporty and technical with urban and futuristic characteristics. 
And we have the AMBITIOUS lines, aimed more at retail, with more wide-reaching, commercial characteristics, generalised in terms of genre and commercial styles. 

Generally speaking, we present concepts, genres, environments and a variety of lines that reach several markets and nationalities. It is a collection based on quality, innovation, consistency and, above all, taking delight in the details, with the aim of positively surprising our customers anywhere in the world. We always include lightness and comfort, details that are defining and give a personal touch. We work with traditional quality materials, such as natural leather, and with more modern materials that bring the innovation and ambition of the label to the collection. The contrast of materials and colours is something we focus on and pay particular attention to. It is a diverse, worldwide collection with genres and development designed with the world in mind. It is a collection with a sporty look and environments, the lines have a vintage, sporty and frankly casual inspiration, which results in versatility. 
Fashion tends to follow some trends, which we explore and work on. As a label that wants to be fashion-forward, we take the trends and combine them with our identity and ambition, which is how the AMBITIOUS SS18 collection came about.