David Catalán
For next spring, David Catalán will be bringing us a collection with multiple references to American workwear of the 1950s. In addition, this work also takes an ironic approach to the post-war boom in consumerism and the advent of tourism, clearly represented by the hyper-realistic sculptures of Duane Hanson. These set the tone for tackling, if only superficially, an issue that comes up frequently in the politics and societies of various European cities: gentrification. Ontologically speaking, fashion is a privileged stage for pondering this topic. Denim will be present once again, as well as cotton serge and technical or waterproof materials. In a dichotomy between oversized or figure hugging clothing, the play on scales with Vichy squares and chromatic variations of yellows, greens, blue and beige enriches the plasticity of this collection with the hallmark this Spanish designer based in Portugal has accustomed us to.