Katty Xiomara
A parachute is taken by the Caribbean breeze and chooses as the landing point the Art Deco District in Miami Beach.
Here it is surrounded by the design and mood of the buildings that reflect the revival of this movement, rather than its origin at the beginning of the 20th century.
This peculiar environment, which addresses a lighter, more stylized and practical art deco, more colorful, sweet and readapted the 60's aesthetics, is the theme of our New Collection Spring/Summer 2018.
The collection submerges in this essence of stylization of natural elements and cubist concepts retouched from ethnic exoticism.
The color palette is composed of sweet pastels and is constructed by dispersed color blocks with different depths.
The soft tones of the sea and the vibrant shades of pink and orange on fruity scales of papaya, melon and raspberry are outlined by black and white as neutral points of encounter.
The forms emerges from the basic concept of the parachute; Detached, simple and uncluttered with embroidered patterns and prints that evoke this environment.
The fabrics are also representative of the theme; Ripstop, crepe, lamé, gingham, tulle and lace.
All these aspects are conjugated in a fresh and feminine way referring us to this unique universe of party and animation by the sea.