The collection takes inspiration from the universe of Fallout 4, a video game set in the 22nd century; however it is based on the nuclear paranoia of the 1950's. There was a nuclear war on 23 October 2077, which lasted less than two hours but caused total annihilation. However, the government of the USA had built shelters – the Vaults, where chosen citizens lived.
The story behind this collection is about a single survivor who was cryogenically preserved in one of these underground vaults. He awakes in 2142 and will have to rebuild his life in this new world with the resources that remain.
The stylised representation of American culture in the 1950’s in the collection, with more advanced technology, is inspired by the post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic setting of the game.

 Construction of a figure that evokes a space, exploring its memory and sensitivity.
This space is set in a Brutalist environment, whose natural elements are accepted and where man's affinity with his surroundings is cherished.
This music genre develops in the midst of the progress made in technology and in the sound industry. The basic ideas include recording and manipulating sounds of different origins, both from Man and from machines or other utensils, generating strongly spatial and textured compositions.

"The lone man should find his symphonie within himself, being is own instrument. He cries, he whistles, he thumps, his fist, he laughs, he groans. His heart beats, his breathing accelerates... he utters words, launches calls. Nothing echoes more a solitary cry than the clamour of crowds.” Pierre Schaeffer