NOBRAND, in a time of celebration, travels in a time machine through past collections, using them as na inspiration for the Spring / Summer collection.

In this journey we are influenced by the sartorial details of the first NOBRAND shoes, collecting some of the richest details, where the burned finishes intersect with manual stitching, one of the legacies of our DNA that returns with a new approach.
As the sea expands, creativity follows new directions. The usual pierced leathers with urban tenacity blend with pastel shades of our coastal areas, and the washed canvases depict the colour transitions of sea to sand.
Formed in a ray of sun, the streets take on contours that inspire funky watercolor splotches in the form of amusing floral patterns, where the boldness of the strokes contrast with minimalist cuts.
The design is sustainable in the already familiar premise of the brand, where the exotic nature of the leathers serve as a template for vintage finishes, in reference to the wear and tear of sand. Vamps assume a pantone of grassy borders, dividing the urban and rural that materialise in a nostalgic narrative.

Mother Nature and the Nature of the Brand are in tune, bearing fruit to extraordinary textures - soft suede and washed leathers that feature carved, overlapping shapes with different finishes.
The exuberant color palette ranges from the indigo maritime tones to the innocent pastel-colored graphics, absorbing at times vibrant tropical features.
The collection of the 30 year celebration aims to be an eternal and iconic image for all, as well as reinforcing the active force and soul present in our philosophy from an early age.