In the Palindrome (Capicua) collection, we have prepared a new story, a new journey.

"I open my eyes and I'm somebody in one time and space, I open them again and I'm somebody else, in another space and another time. Before or after. Time is fluid. Space is fluid. Gender is fluid.”

 We use the language of fashion and of clothes to communicate. The contrast between geometric cuts and loose, genderless shapes, with sexuality inherent in the structural touches and corset finishes suggested by backstitching, eyelets and ribbons (a common thread in the Storytailors universe). The clothing shows versatility in the transformation of the silhouette, which permits creative and interpretative freedom, freedom of emotions, of expression and of sharing. We have wed art to handicrafts and technology. We design our clothing according to a "zero waste” logic, where nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

We are proposing comfortable fabrics like Cupro, poplin and cotton voile, denim, satin, georgette and tulle. Natural raw materials and technological materials. Notes of textures remotely suggestive of feathers.

The main colours in this collection are red, white and black and the secondary colours include greys and blues in denim. The universe is made up of light and shadow. White is light, hope, where all colours come from, while black is emptiness and darkness, as well as the sum of all colours. Red symbolises love and passion, which we believe is the greatest force in the universe.

A palindrome is a word, sentence, number, sequence of symbols or elements that can be read or interpreted the same way in either direction.

Our Palindrome is about transformation – "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, as Lavoisier said.

We speak of messages from angels and universal energy. Of freedom, flexibility and unexpected contrasts – a sensorial reality where we open our eyes in one time, in one form, and when we open them again, we are another, in another time. We are man, we are woman, we are child. We travel through time and space, we share bodies and we are reincarnated in them as others, in an experience of the senses. We understand, we realise, we feel. We are energy in every cell…


Keywords and expressions: messages from universal angels; "0” waste / nothing is lost, everything is transformed; essence/nucleus; vehicles of inspiration; transformable; architectural; Art and Science; challenging convention; simple complexity; east/west; corset/geometric; gender fluid.

With this lifting of the veil on a new story, we are presenting these items to you, to be worn and enjoyed, forwards and backwards and backwards and forwards!

The Palindrome visuals are enriched by footwear from Exceed and Friendly Fire.