Susana Bettencourt

This collection, entitled "Creative Resistance”, takes its inspiration from the resurgence of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) movement. On 21 January 2017, the Woman’s March on Washington rekindled interest in ERA in the United States of America, with the states of Nevada and Illinois being the pioneers in bringing this movement back to life.

In her collection, the designer decided to pay homage to Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to make a transatlantic flight. Amelia was part of the suffragette group, who fought for the right to vote and gender equality. The colours of the collection and the references to the aviation uniforms of the 1970s recall the posters for the National Women’s Party.

This was how her SS18 collection came about, in partnership with Fifitex. As Susana said when announcing this partnership: To achieve exclusive results, we must go further in the design processes and be able to have control over all the materials used in the clothes. Now, this "dream” has come true, with the support of Fifitex; the yarn is exclusive, the colours are exclusive, making every item even more special and unique. This collection does not aim to defend feminism, but rather equality between all human beings