Katty Xiomara
Katty Xiomara presents us a spring/summer collection inspired by a parachute blown by a Caribbean breeze and landing in the midst of the art déco revivalism of Miami Beach in the 1960s. According to the designer, the collection "dives into the warm essence of the sweetened and exotic colours, building blocks of colour dispersed in their different depths”, with the intention of creating a nostalgic connection, but portrayed in a contemporary style, reflecting the revivalism of this movement in a lighter, sweeter and more colourful fashion, adapted to the aesthetics of the 1960s.

The palette of colours shows us shades of water and oranges, pawpaw, melon and raspberry, outlined with black and white as "neutral meeting points”. The parachute that inspired this concept is present in the shapes: "loose, simple and uncluttered”, with patterns intended to invoke the environment. The fabrics are also representative of the theme: "ripstop, crepe, lamé, gingham, tulle and lace”.