Joana Braga

The freedom to do nothing, spend the days to postpone, skip commitments. Procrastinate.
Inspired by the language and mood of the 1967 film, Éric Rohmer's "La Collectionneuse", in a hot summer on the French coast. In a general summer mode, oversized, relaxed and flowing, overlapping pieces of tight knitwear, inspired by the bathing suits of the 60s. The contrast - graphically explored - of feeling pleasure in delaying and passing tasks, turns out to be a repentance and a sense of guilt.
Dropped shoulders, oversized and sloppy silhouettes, embody the idea of boredom, the long days of summer. Annoyance, which generates repetition of both acts and thoughts, and distraction - all details arouse interest.
The deconstruction of the pieces is a result of distraction and postponement of tasks and stages, where details of classics are decontextualized or divided.