Alexandra Moura


Inspired by the mysterious story, Lover’s Eyes, Alexandra Moura's new collection explores the universe of this Victorian jewel, in the shape of an innovative new approach. This particular jewel is reinterpreted and brought to us in the form of delicate embroidery on tulle, where the subtle, romantic details are combined with a more high-tech side, while still maintaining the essence of antique, hand painted brooches.

Voluminous, striking and sometimes oversized shapes are combined with bows and ruffles to create statement looks with strong, iconic touches. Comfortable, urban looks combine knits with sophisticated textures, tulle and brocade, making this collection the perfect bridge between the classic and the contemporary.

This collection celebrates irreverent, urban, confident men and women that appreciate unique looks. From the light shades of denim blue and the different shades of black, which is a must-have in each collection, emerge vibrant emerald green and lavender, along with a jacquard pattern with floral motifs. Throughout the collection, torn and frayed pieces of denim are perceptible, evidence of the wreckage of an unknown past.