HIBU (Bloom)


AMBOY, a ghost town in the middle of the Mojave Desert, hidden and abandoned between volcanic craters, salt ponds and an immensity of solitary aridity is the inspiration for the new HIBU. collection. The beige of the desert, the light and dark blue of the clear sky and the black from the depths of the craters are the colors that dominate AMBOY SS17. The vastness and the emptiness of the desert that surrounds this former Route 66 stop also serve as inspiration: a clean slate for the construction of something new. Behind this approach is also the fact the HIBU. is once again a brand led by a single person, which makes this collection a new step for the designer.

AMBOY begins by portraying darkness, the unknown and solitude, which is followed by rebirth and ends in red, symbolizing the strength acquired along the process. The belts, made with crude materials, which define the silhouette are also symbols of that strength. The unisex traits that define the brand remain present throughout the collection.


Black / Dark blue / Beige / Red / Cerulean blue


Cotton / Jersey / RIB / Twill