Katty Xiomara


In the 15th century Portugal stands out as a great maritime power. Experienced navigators returned the odds of the sea to their own advantage. The Agulhas Current were feared by their giant waves and winter storms. It was one of the usual passage places for the sea adventurers on their way to the East/Orient passing along the African Coast.

The new SS17 collection adopts the name of this Current, and looking at the sea aesthetics surrounding; his creatures and their seafarers.

The colors and motifs are born on the seabed and emerge to the surface. The black and blue from the depths of the sea, vibrant tones from the coral reefs and the bright gray and pink from the sands. Spongy jerseys imply the thick skin of the powerful predators of the oceans. Watercolor base mega patterns of creatures such as the great Octopus and the lush beauty of the fighting fish.

Light lace reinterprets fishing nets. The Iurex reflects the brightness of the waters and sands. The nautical spirit is revealed by the classic combination - blue, white and red - laid in plaid patterns and stripes, embroidery and laser cutouts. The wavy volumes with different densities; ruffles that recreate the fish tails and godet that represent the tentacles of coconut octopus. Marine details, transparencies and overlays.

From this combination of ideas emerges a spontaneous bond between sophistication and simplicity, with a sweet touch of urbanity, where nostalgia is approached with a fresh sense of modernity.