Black Hills | O Monte das Pretas

The designing duo is proposing Black Hills, a collection to be discovered in spring, tried out in summer, savoured in autumn and enjoyed in winter. "Using my imagination and memory as weapons, I imagine myself in missionary mode.” 

ALEXITIMIA – The story of a smuggler

In their last collection, The White Widow’s Walk, Storytailors introduced JD, a smuggler of creativity. Black Hills is the second chapter in ALEXITIMIA – his story. They pick up where they left off in the previous collection: the hyper-imaginative JD disembarks in Portugal, intoxicated by the light and the ideas he brings to share. JD is met by an old friend, who introduces him to Alex, a potential client. Alex takes him to Black Hills – a country house in the Alentejo, with an inspiring story; here, the trees nourish the earth and those that live there. Their roots, their textures, their essence. It is at Black Hills that JD discovers that Alex is hyper-emotional; in the absence of the freedom to imagine freely, Alex exponentially developed his sensitivity, to the point of being able to feel the nature around him and hold a sensorial dialogue with the trees. JD is fascinated; by sharing his imagination, he has access to a completely new sensorial universe. What he sees and feels becomes the doorway to the first dimension of an infinite kaleidoscope, the first piece in a never-ending jigsaw puzzle. A strong connection develops between Alex and JD, who promises to take him to New Bedford and "The White Widow's Walk” – together they would fly high – the sky is the limit!

They speak of countries where imagination is taxed and others where people are still free to create. They speak of a time when human beings spent their whole lives swinging between being male and being female. They speak of the hyper-imaginative JD, who learns to feel by sharing his creativity and the emotions he awakens in others. This vice leads him to exchange his symphonies of mental images for emotions, with those who cannot create their own images without paying taxes... and the hyper-emotional Alex.

And they speak of fashion and clothing, of unconventional ways of creating it and constructing looks, of a capacity for transformation, of creative and interpretative freedom, of emotions, of expression and sharing. Art is allied to technology to give shape to the majority of the items, using meticulous laser cutting, followed by careful assembly. They propose patterns developed from the texture of trees native to the Alentejo and materials that can awaken a multitude of ideas and sensations. They propose overlapping layers that transform the silhouette. Cork, cotton, gabardine, satin, georgette, tulle. Textures, cuts and applied motifs that suggest wood, flowers, roots, fungi and organic shapes. Traditional Portuguese raw materials and technological materials and finishes.


The pallet of colours and the motifs in this collection are suggested by trees, from the roots to the trunk and branches, coming from the wood and including contact with the earth and the textures that cover it. The grey of wood bleached by the sun, the warm shades of cork oaks and eucalyptus trees, reds, pinks, yellows and delicate motifs and symbols.


Tree/wood/roots; the four elements; imagination/emotion; overlaps; dreaming/feeling; art and science hand in hand; reasoning/intuition; challenging conventions; delicacy/strength; (self)discovery.