Susana Bettencourt

This could be a simulation of what would be the ideal world for Susana Bettencourt but instead it turns out exactly what we should stand out now, and realize that individuality comes from multiples places, so, we must be Resilient but kind.
Combining the best of all the techniques of the modern knitwear, "Resilient Individuality" represents all the mix that that we as social agents see and live everyday, as every culture that cross our eyes that in some way you find a little of you on that.

This is a toast to a multicultural era and a generation that is concerned about important problems of the social life: the human rights, feminism or racism, as many others. The multiple colors are combining in a special way so they can transport everyone from the middle of the jungle to a tennis court - so, it's a new bold step for Susana for bringing that for the cotemporary street style. The strong and unique pattern jacquards that are the signature of the designer are embracing now a new step for the designer. For the first season, Susana embraces the swimwear and show some fresh and brand new purposes for the next Spring Summer 2019.

One more time, expressed her vision through the creation of textures, volumes and defined silhouettes that shapes all kind of body's, showing off that the knitwear is here to stay and serve. Never forget, every print has a face but in some special way, everybody have to find for themselves because this collection is a storyteller and she will tell everybody the story that they have do (w)ear.
In a collaboration with FIFITEX, from the print to the colors, every single stage of the creation are created for Susana so every piece is unique and exclusive. "Resilient Indivuality" is a journey and a safe place where all the cultures combine together and let all the people in, with no exceptions - no gender, no racism, no homophobia.
"Resilients", that's our name.