Hugo Costa
Hugo Costa returns to the French capital on the official calendar of presentations with his Haenyeo collection, inspired by South Korean women who free dive to support their families. 

"At a time when so much is said about equality, I thought it was important to reinforce the reversal of roles”, said Hugo Costa. 

The Haenyeo are one of the forces of nature. Strong, warrior women, who dive every day in search of food for their families. Women of the sea on Jeju Island in South Korea, keeping an age-old tradition alive. Doing a difficult and dangerous job that they continue until they're in their nineties. The men stay home and take care of the children, unless they find work in China, Japan or Russia. 

Hugo Costa is a designer with strong convictions who leaves gender out of the clothes he designs. And he is also a designer of difficult and disruptive themes. "That's how you make sense of fashion, by getting people to pay attention, taking them out of their comfort zone, taking everyday people closer to an unknown reality, bringing it closer and therefore, making it more real”, he said. "It's like wearing a piece of history”, he added.

Hugo Costa's new collection is inspired by a way of life that is also an art of generations, reinforced by strong, vibrant colours with classic textures, in contrast to some technological fabrics, such as waterproofs and 3D network, as well as lots of movable details.

"The fabrics are easy and comfortable to wear and can be adapted to the fast-paced world and everyday life”, explained Hugo.