Alexandra Moura

Gender, pronoun, individual!?

A reflection on the impact of female in male and vice versa because "in all human beings, a misogynist war arises". The character and spirituality of Anohni (FKA Antony Hegarty), flooded of sensitivity, are the starting point of this collection that was born from her sketches, scrapbooks, collages, her dramatic and theatricalcharge, revealing a weakness that ask for comfort. Details are brought from ancient times and from undergarments of both genders that are merged for the future.

A classic silhouette is deconstructed and becomes contemporary. The weight of the materials reveals the comfort of a blanket that protects from a "false identity". The sophistication of textures and patterns brings romanticism and plasticity from another era.The collection is released on a mixture of (fe)male’s characteristics in one human being, spirit and energy.