Diogo Miranda

Perpetually seduced by the narrative and the imagery of the shapes and lines of modern architecture, Diogo Miranda found the inspiration he needed in Josef Hoffman. Hoffman played a very important role in the development of modern architecture, where words like functionality, simplicity, sophistication and innovation are frequently used to describe his work.

This collection is presented as a visual narrative story, where symbols from Hoffman’s work are used to tell a different story to a different woman. A woman who embraces change, challenges and femininity as tools to create a contemporary personality. Pure, straight lines are the basis of the collection, where geometric shapes and circles in black and white, simple silhouettes, oversized sleeves and distinctive, elegant details bring the stories told onstage to life.

Dark colours are the structural chromatic base of the collection. A game is played between decoration and stripes, giving the collection a dimensional perspective, contrasting with ivory and Riviera blue. The materials are also contrasting, especially in the use of houndstooth, silk or stiffer brocade, creating a sensation of sobriety and preeminent femininity. The stylist is presenting a collection where oversized coats and jackets, straight-line dresses with geometric cuts and overlays are the characters in this poetic, strong, yet subtle style.