Katty Xiomara
The New Collection cast a glance at the new frontiers in the world. It is absorbed by the fearless spirit of adventure. Manned by a new nomadic generation who believes that you do not need roots, but instead get loose, explore and discover. The new nomadic urban who reunited the latent rurality of our ancestors within an absorbed nature. Cowboys, scouts, astronauts, travellers, workers of the worlds. All are intrepid explorers and adventurers of our universe. The collection dedicates to this look on nomadic knowledge. It’s strong but delicate; it’s darkened but clear; it’s matte but shiny; it has texture, heaviness and shape. Unpredictable sequences of fabrics, colours, and textures playing with proportions and volumes offering a relaxed luxury that takes part in all the feminine universe filling it from day to night.

The colours are imaginative, taken from the travel journal. By using as a basis the three most common colours of pens, the blue, black and red. We created a starting point for chromatic combinations representing often in duo tone. The prints evoke the natural forms of Wood bark, the Mountains and the Space. The details are taken from these explorers: fringes, contrasting piping, cut out yokes, collar tips, patch and embroidered textures. The shapes comprise the women’s mood, offering some more relaxed looks other more elegant but in a very peculiar way that blends by making them multifunctional.