Luis Buchinho

This winter, Luis Buchinho tackles a complex and exciting construction game. Gradually the pieces of his puzzle fit together precisely with each other but one is missing. The designer then undertakes a thorough investigation of the missing piece of the puzzle, and explores the structural and graphic lines of the construction through simple and sleek silhouettes.

Luis Buchinho thus puts his name to a collection inspired entirely by the pieces of 3D puzzles and propels us into a universe dominated by the idea of construction. For this, he revisits classic pieces and deconstructs the original forms of the dress.

In this other dimension, wool, jersey and leather collide and create between them a striking two-dimensional and graphic effect. We hide behind strong prints, we wear neutral colors: black, navy blue, white, grey veering towards green. The collection is the very expression of urban spirit, where femininity is faced with a masculinity as complex as an unsolvable puzzle.