Nobrand introduces its "top squad” fall winter ‘16 collection reminiscent of cult movies such as behind enemy lines, top gun or hot shots, always with a knack of humour from heroes to zeros. The nobrand design team, including latest recruits from the prestigious navy cobbler shoe academy - ncsa (undisclosed location keeping our secret within the squad) - used an unlimited source of inspiration from combat aircraft, pilot helmets, badges, flying suits, military stencils, turning heads high up in the winter sky. Hold on tight and experience this new collection’s g-force. There will be no dogfight high in the sky so take a seat and enjoy the flight. 

Travelling at supersonic speed the collection includes footwear for men and women: aces ranging from heavy duty aviator boots, refined formal officer’s style lace ups, and sneakers.the collection addresses climate condition variations with fur boots to counter the coldest temperature of russia’s yakutsk city, to the more pleasant warmth of area 51 in nevada with light and comfortable new lining. No time and effort has been spared, attention to detail is in each and every product, continuing nobrand’s legacy for bringing love and care to its products that all of us have learnt to appreciate. We are firing from all cylinders, we are screaming eagles, we are the footwear junta’s birds of prey. Affirmative… Looking forward to start our new mission together.
Roger that…