Who said that stories must always be about fairies and that they must all have witches, princes and princesses? Who said that stories must begin with "once upon a time” and be set in bygone times and faraway places? Who said that life is restricted to one dimension? Who said that seasons are only three months long?

"I climb the steps to the White Widow’s Walk. I like this ritual…”

JD is a smuggler of creativity. And this is the theme of "The White Widow’s Walk”, the first chapter in the ALEXITIMIA story.

We begin in New Bedford, USA, seen through the eyes of JD, on the balcony around the first floor of the house that belonged to a Portuguese captain of a whaler. These balconies are called "Widow’s Walks”, because it was there that sailors’ wives kept watch, awaiting the return of their husbands, who were sometimes taken by the sea. Wrapped in a big hooded cloak, JD looks at the sky and the sea and thinks of his voyage to Portugal the next day; his mind weaves a spiral of images he will be exchanging at his destination. Something suggests it all to him, from the view he is observing to the book he is reading – Dante's Divine Comedy. 

As spring approaches, we will speak to you of countries where imagination was taxed and others where people are still free to create. We will speak of a time when human beings spend their whole lives swinging between being male and being female. We will speak of JD and his overactive imagination, who learns to feel by sharing his creativity, and of the emotions he awakens in others. This vice causes him to exchange his symphonies of mental images for emotions, with someone who cannot create their own images without paying taxes. "And that’s how I became a smuggler of creativity”.

And we will speak of fashion and clothing, of inconvenient ways of creating it and constructing looks, of a capacity for transformation, of creative and interpretative freedom, of emotions, of expression and sharing. We will propose patterns and materials that can awaken a multitude of ideas and sensations. We will propose overlapping layers that transform the silhouette. Wool, burel wool from the Burel Factory, fur, velvet, satin, georgette, cotton, fibre. Textures, cuts and appliqué motifs that suggest shells, spirals and scales. Traditional Portuguese raw materials and technological materials and finishes. 

The looks are accessorised with three DKODE shoe models, customised especially for the collection, and Paulino Spectacles glasses.


The white of light, dreams and ice, and the black of the unknown, mystery, protection, in the paradox where they are at the same time all colours and none at all, greys, blues, wet reflections, motifs and delicate symbols. Keywords and expressions: ocean/heaven/earth; imagination/emotion; voyage/fantasy; overlaps; dreaming/feeling; art and science hand in hand; reasoning/intuition; challenging conventions; smuggler/mystery; delicacy/strength; discovery.

We are proposing these items today for tomorrow and the day after, and the day after, and the day after. No limits! We dare you to come with us on this voyage and let yourself be carried away!