This is an international collection, motivated by its wide sphere of operation and inspired by the many peculiarities and myriad of differences in each market. It's a young collection, with a casual look and atmosphere.

Some lines have walking and more sporty characteristics. Designed to stand out for the good looks, comfort and quality of the materials (technical characteristics of footwear manufacture), it also shows the many aspects that represent its diversity and the inherent difficulties. Care is taken to ensure a simple and balanced final result conveying a sense of harmony between all the materials used, where the key to a good outcome lies in the balance between all the elements involved.

The main and constant concern of Ambitious is the production of models that are a good buy, so that they are commercially marketable. Models that represent innovation, that are easy to match with outfits, aesthetic, easy to read and discreet, without ever missing out on class and innovation. Long-lasting products recognizable through details.

Footwear that is pure in its simplicity, with all the details and elements designed and combined simply and wisely.