Katty Xiomara


The night and the day, the Moon and the Sun, the bull and the moon… impossible but Unbreakable love.

The magic of complicity of these characters are so close and yet so far away, is the literary path of many stories.

This story broke into our inspiration through old memories from a Gypsy Spanish song verse:

The Moon is combing her hair
in the mirrors of the river
and a Bull is looking at her
between the grove hidden...

…And that bull in love with the moon
The moon comes out tonight
With a black tailcoat 
and the bull is looking at her
between the grove and the shadow

The collection gathers inspiration throughout this mysterious universe of the forest and its creatures, in all the drama of the night and the endless hope of day. By taking these logics to our garment everything seems to appear so magically, with a certain wild poetry. 

The colours parade in increasing brightness; the Black Night is a strong base for the Moonlight Shines drawn by the shades of Pearly White and Silver Star. The cold tone of the Blue Night touched by light and shadow, contrasting with the warm tones of woods and leaves. 

The fabrics are rich and texture, some are light and fluid others are structured and compact. Out lined by jacquard and prints, sweetly articulated with lace and embroidery.

The forms are clean and purified, but with an undulating and natural volume.