Maria Kobrock

In 1970, art critic David Bourdon’s described Christo and Jeanne Claude's art practice involving the wrapping of monuments and landscapes in fabrics as a ‘revelation through concealment’1, in which the artistic couple revealed the form and shape of the object in the draped cloth, creating (un-veiling) a new surface.

Contextualizing this idea of ‘revelation through concealment’ with fashion and using the body as the subject, the ‘wrapping’ can be viewed as a metaphor for how people construct their social identities through the guidelines of clothing/ fashion. Perceiving fashion as a coping mechanism, however imperfect, for dealing with the complexity of the outside world2 and of our interior lives, is the conceptual framework for this collection. People nowadays tend to dress alike following a specific unified social code.

Thus, this collection focus on the interior/private self and on the effortless, comfortable clothes we wear in the privacy of our own homes, such as pyjamas, robes, house slippers and bed linens, pillows and couch cushions, (namely the famous slanket). The idea is to create an effortless, fresh look for a/w 17-18.

1  Bourdon, David: "Christo", Harry N. Abrams publishers, Inc., New York City, 1970
2  Susan Sontag on selfies, Selfhood, and How the Camera Helps Us Navigate Complexity