Micaela Oliveira
For her autumn/winter 2017-18 collection, Micaela Oliveira was inspired by an artist from Colombia: Fernando Botero. One of her greatest concerns is the violence in Latin America, which is expressed in her designs by the extravagance, sensuality and voluminous figures recognised worldwide. The aspects to be noted in this collection are intrinsically linked to the theme proposed, and are revealed in details and combinations of raw materials.

The techniques of handling the materials reflect the dynamic of the collection. While the construction techniques become important to refer us to the theme. The silhouettes reflect the curves shaped by the fabrics that cover the body, creating static, slightly rigid shadows. They feature opposites complemented by semi-oversize fitting designs and coordinates as well as strong anatomical designs.

The colours selected include nude, black and colour rays, reflecting the essence of the concept. The neutral shades reflect the pale, warm delicacy of women in all its plenitude.

This collection aims at expressing its theme as an aphorism where images and words unveil the synergistic dichotomy between work and life, between the designer and the woman. It also aims at going through the different stages of the designer's life, mastered by time and space circumstances. The narrative evoked here is an ode to women's beauty.