In a phase of reflection, Nobrand took its inspiration from itself, influenced by its wild spirit and the realism of our concrete jungles.

The smooth sensation of refined velvets seeps into the aligned, casual styles inspired by the exuberant plant life of our lost forests, replaced by the concrete of the city.

The unusual and contemporary palette of colours drifts between shades of grey in dusty urban areas, barren, concrete debris, and shiny, polished marble.

The colours are used for both sexes, with a subtle mixture of earth shades mixed with urban decoration in greys and blacks. Ebony and coffee brown have a firm, intense characteristic, which is emphasized by the greys and greens in washed leathers or worn suede, strengthening the label's DNA with metallic details, which are soft yet noticeable in harmony with the inspiration.

In the coming SS18/FW18 seasons, there will be several ideas running through the entire collection, with new proposals to reflect Nobrand's 30th anniversary. Since 1988.