Susana Bettencourt


This collection, named WEAR’ART, is inspired by the reflection on the new world of social networks. Being an old soul, as Susana says, in this collection she tried to contradict herself and allow herself to be involved in the magic of Instagram. Here, in this search for a new world, she identified an artistic movement she wanted to be part of, made a point of communicating with various artists, exchanging ideas and concepts. And so this AW17/18 collection was born, in joint cooperation and assistance with @camiellewalala, @alyssarosev and the fantastic enchanted world of "Elliptical Field, Site of Riverside Destiny park”, in Tokyo, and "Dick Bruna’s House” in the Central Museum of Utrecht. WEARART was born from the work of these worldwide artists and going through "Susana Bettencourt” filter: a collection that defends art in fashion, a passion that the designer has fought to maintain, even with the new dynamic and perception destroyed by fast fashion.

KEYWORDS: Frameworks of jacquard consisting of textures, pixelated and sketched, that are characteristic of the designer's signature, in contrast with the angular geometry of the artistic movement that follows.

Having consolidated her status as a designer, WEAR’ART is the continuation of a long process, a point where Susana Bettencourt proves that art prevails despite the constraints visible to everyone. She is well known for her ability to express her skills crossing, intersecting and merging the line between technology and craftsmanship. Through her handmade knitwear she will express her views, she will share her process of understanding and research. It is clear that Susana Bettencourt will not abandon the experimental aspect underlying her design in the near future.

COLLABORATION: "Susana Bettencourt is pleased to announce her collaboration with the internationally-known footwear brand BIRKENSTOCK for the Portugal Fashion FW17-18 fashion show”.