0.9 VIRUS, developing the "ABBA” collection, based on the human being and its multiplicity.

When an individual demonstrates one or more different identities, each one with its own will and desires and way of interacting with their surroundings. This period when one of the other personalities takes over is described as lost time, a loss of memory.
Carl Jung. There are 4 basic psychological functions: thinking, feeling, intuition and understanding. "In each person, one or several of these functions takes on a particular emphasis”
ABBA, a study of personalities. This collection presents 10 coordinates that are different from each other, thus reflecting different types of personalities
Reflexive extroverted
Sentimental introverted
Perceptive introverted
Intuitive extroverted

To work on these personalities, the starting point was the basic item that we all wear every day,
underwear. In this case, comfortable women's underwear that flows with the movement of the body. Adapted taking into account the characteristics of each personality.

They all have a similar silhouette, but with details that set them apart and define them.
10 different coordinates aimed at expressing the individuality of each personality.
The materials chosen for underwear are light, delicate and with transparency, reflecting the intimacy of each one. We therefore have distinctive personalities laid out before us.

The exteriors work more like a kind of protection for each one of the personalities, given that a person with dissociative disorder feels the need to feel protected. The exteriors thus have oversized silhouettes, while always maintaining a comfortable look.
Some details worked in silicone. Giving the collection a viscous, sensitive look.
The conceptual use of silicone attempts to relate to our thoughts. The fragility of our minds and the mutations it can undergo.