This is a collection that meets the needs of the markets in terms of an international product conceived with distinctive characteristics and completely designed and made in Portugal. As with other collections, it conveys a unique concept with world expression in terms of men's footwear.
Just like the brand, it is wide-reaching both in terms of audience and in terms of product categories and types. With a set of very wide-reaching products and characteristics of good taste and balance, and with details of fashion and sophistication.
It focuses on a contemporary fashion product that includes casual and sports casual, with a kind of refined product, but with close ties to clothing and fashion environments. This sophistication is accompanied by a simple design, with character, at once bold and discreet.
It was designed to be discreet, but noticeably elegant, with a strong aesthetic sense and easy to use in its countless outfit possibilities.
It is once again materialising the design with the best, highest quality raw materials, with the true know-how of Portuguese footwear production.
AMBITIOUS itself is the brand most men look for because of what it is. With products that make the wearer stand out, making him feel well-shod and with a product that represents the strength of success, of ambition and, at the same time, devoid of pretensions.
These characteristics of the brand allow us to reach men who know how to dress, who know how to be discreet and who are always noticed because they wear a brand of footwear that symbolises good taste with distinction.
This is the distinct ambition that characterises us as a brand and our customers.