For Fall/Winter 2018, DIELMAR is going on a journey to the origin of the most iconic fabric patterns.
The Journey is an original collection that marks a turning point in how the DIELMAR man dresses, giving him a new perspective on men's fashion. Patterns like Prince of Wales, houndstooth, stripes and herringbone complete a collection inspired by the architecture and landscape of the places of origin of some of the most important fabrics in the history of textiles.
Rusty orange, olive green, concrete grey and electric blue are the predominant colours, giving the collection a touch of elegance and of the contemporary.
In the sartorial side of the collection, the highlights are the suits in Premium 100% new wool, super 110s, 120s, 130s and 150s, where the silhouette of natural lines accompanies the shapes of the body.
The more casual look is highlighted with the presentation of more sporty suits, in 100% new wool.
The new features presented by DIELMAR this season are wider lapels and pleated trousers, vital additions to any man's wardrobe.
There is also a focus on a wider, more modern range in terms of outerwear, of note being the trench coats, overcoats and bomber jackets, available in materials like alcantara, wool and water repellent fabrics.
In an increasingly demanding market, DIELMAR is focusing on exclusivity and individuality, creating a customised print in the details on the inside of the clothes, which will be presented at the DIELMAR fashion show at Portugal Fashion.