Hugo Costa
Punk’s not dead. Punk is alive, it was only transformed or even deconstructed. But it’s still punk. The aggressive appearance movement, with sarcasm and reaction as counterculture.
Simple in form as a revolutionary act. No, punk’s not dead, it was only transformed by the hands, and mind of who thought as teenager who wants to say, firming and manifesting within the family on his way to almost-revolution, marginal culture and
No, punk’s not dead here. It takes part of the collection, reflected as a reaction. Through the use of color and combination of more aggressive and coordinated materials mixed in a unconventional way, always using the no gender movement. The collection runs out from the color block and works in a chromatic explosion, now questioning some of the brand’s forms or turning to other (new) forms.
No, punk’s not dead. It’s here, on our side. And at yours. The punk is alive and deserves to be celebrated by all of us.