Katty Xiomara
The new winter collection invests a gestural imaginary abstract portrayal, interpreting in a certain way the current line of thought based on a mixture of uncertainty, alarmismo and optimism. A gesture that offers us na intuitive imaginary of organic forms, which in each garments dresses in asymmetries and contrasts, with different textures, volumes and unexpected windows of colour.
We created our own artwork, but in na unpretentious contexto humbly taking some aesthetic of cubism and lyrical abstractionism. Then we dismember the artwork creating expansive prints and full of colour. The colours palette marks na intense taint between the black and night blue, adding an intense contrast points, pink candy, tandoori spice, barroque rose, Orange carrot, pink Shell, dazzling blue and cerulean blue. The materials are diverse from light silks, laces and cottons, to suede, velvets, double padded fabric, synthetic fur and pure wool heavy felted Bure – traditional portuguese product.