Luís Buchinho

For Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 runway show, Luís Buchinho presents the collection "Night Drive".
The attraction for the futurism of computer imagery and for the late 60’s computational aesthetics, developed from the formal experiences of scientist and artist Lillian Schwarz in computer animation inspired the creation of the prints. Pixel-editing techniques, computer-generated images by digital synthesis and the resulting graphic abstraction motivated the patterns’ design. The universe in which Denis Villeneuve portrays the daily life of a Blade Runner in 2049 had a great impact on the selection of materials and silhouettes. The raw atmosphere of the movie, simultaneously futuristic and realistic, refers to the protective capabilities of clothing and its usefulness. The materials are resistant, the forms protective and inducing of mobility. Details such as raglan sleeves, defined and underlined waistlines, elongated cuffs and shoulders in rib, long yokes that cover the entire chest area, wide patch pockets and matelassé quilts accentuate these intentions. The black dominates the winter palette in different shades, glows and opacities. There is a significant presence of primary blue, very dark olive green and pure orange. The multicolored dotted prints refer to the pixelation of computer-generated images and confer rhythm to the clothing. "Night Drive" is a nocturnal ride through the synthetic cities of science fiction’s digital world.