Revivalism is the theme for NOBRAND in 2018. In the Autumn/Winter collection, we reinterpret icons from the past.
In the brand’s 30th anniversary, the nostalgia evoked by the AW18 collection inspires new combinations, linking the past and future of the brand.
Some fascinating creations emerge from this sharing of history and continuous evolution, especially boots with details and outlines from our past memories. Respecting our DNA, we approach everyday classics in a more elaborate way, focusing on design, practicality and comfort. Beyond our own memories, we feel inspired even by unknown eras and places we have never visited. From our desire to connect to the past come the grained leathers with luxurious finishes.
Travel is expressed by the urban journey of the contemporary dreamers, transporting the collection to a new NOBRAND universe. The minimalist classics with water-resistant materials give continuity to the Marina universe. In contrast, the lightness of the Sun is brought into winter, captured in the EVA soles, soft velvet and canvas pieces.
Nostalgia is combined with the rebellion of Sand and Dust, resulting in unexpected - sometimes surreal - interpretations of the classics.
The romantic aspect of adventure and discovery, the fearless and bold spirit, guide this NOBRAND collection, from the insole to the final cut.