In collection 111 we raise to its highest our freedom to create, interpret, and emote, our freedom of expression and of sharing. 
This collection reflects how multiple identities can be carried within one. Each piece can be divided by zippers and rearranged with other parts of other pieces. Half of a jacket can be combined with half of a different one. Each piece exists in more than one dimension, they are reversible, malleable, or carriers of messages. 
A large number of pieces in the 111 collection is gender fluid. It can be used both by women and men. Its shapes amplify, transform, and liberate gender stereotypes. They release an underlying sensuality. A piece will combine delicate folds inspired by the birth of wings with a metallic zipper straight out of a sportswear language. 
We combine materials like neoprene, twill, cupro, metal jersey, cotton poplin, denim, satin, marrocain, georgette, and tule. Natural materials coexist with synthetic materials, and metal finishes. The main colors of this collection are white, black, red, gold, and silver. The secondary colors are blue, and denim, and shades of the main colors used. 
The combination of art + craft/craftsmanship + technology = timelessness, defining the 111 collection at Storytailors
This season we start a collaboration with the shoe brand SANJO. They will complete our looks with their iconic sneakers, a product in itself full of history.