Susana Bettencourt
Society is automated, the habits and customs of future leaders are moulded around a digital, impersonal era. Communication is through touch screens and keyboards that distance interaction and the exchange of human experiences. The word touch has lost its physical meaning and warmth, taking on a strict, ambiguous significance. When did the change come?

In this collection, Machine After Machine, Susana Bettencourt's mission is to exalt the time this change came, when Arcade games were the word of the day. They represent the beginning of video games and the beginning of the end of street games. In the 1980s, there was still real contact and friends you could touch, a reality that is transposed directly to the colours and textures of the collection.

NEWS: This collection embraces a concept focused on the change in the habits of children and this was the right moment for Susana Bettencourt's label to present bold proposals for the little ones.

Once again, Susana Bettencourt has expressed her vision with unique, customised textures and threads, created in partnership with Fifitex. The thick knits blend with shiny corduroy, the volumes are created with knitted bands and gathers, the messages and the graphics are clear: they are criticising the robots that society is creating. The dubious sheen of the chenille in conjunction with bold pattern jacquards, the designer's well-known signature, bring depth and complexity to this collection in the combination of colours.

As Susana said when announcing this partnership: "To achieve exclusive results, we must go further in the design processes and be able to have control over all the materials used in the clothes.” Now, this "dream” has come true, with the support of FIFITEX; the yarn is exclusive, the colours are exclusive, making every item even more special and unique. This collection does not aim to defend feminism, but rather equality between all human beings.