Alexandra Moura

Alexandra Moura's collection for next Fall/Winter pays tribute to Rosa Ramalho, the Ceramicist from Barcelos, in the north of Portugal. 
The clothes take Alexandra on a journey through worlds and beings living in the imagination of the ceramicist, a hard-working countrywoman with an intelligence and aesthetic sense before her time. 
The meeting of contrasts between her visionary art and her simple life is the raw material for the development of this collection. 
Influences of the clothes worn for working the fields contrast with the fit of today's oversized/sportswear clothing. 
The inspiration from the fantastical beings, beasts and monsters in Rosa's rural life gives rise to details, designs, mixtures of materials, overlaps, colours and sayings. 
The materials used are delicate tulle, cotton flannel, wool, corduroy, metallic jersey and denim, thus establishing a bridge between the classic and the contemporary and between the rural and urban. 
The colours recall the works of Rosa Ramalho, the base coming from clay mixed with the dark shades of the clothes of that time, as well as the colour given to her creatures. Black, navy blue, yellow, earth shades and dry blue complete the palette of colours. 
In a reinterpretation of Rosa Ramalho's monsters, Alexandra takes a hands-on approach to some of the items. 
This collection represents the way both of them look at life, the simplicity in their way of creating and conveying their points of view through their work, with such characteristic features and DNA. This is why this collection is so real and "It's not anybody's dream” – Rosa Ramalho.