The main theme of the footwear collection by Ambitious for Fall-Winter 2019 is the contemporary age. 
We live in a world that is more complex than ever. This complexity comes in a variety of ways and, because of this, we are constantly confronted with influences and pressures. They come to us in many different shapes and from sources that surround us. The constant pressure they exert on us can have a collateral effect on how we see the world.
To overcome this, we often need to wear a mask that makes us feel powerful, rebellious, brave, ready to face the reality of the contemporary world.  
In response, this collection brings us a theme consisting essentially of active colours and strong contrasts, with dynamic, energetic designs and details. 
Mixtures of streetwear and strong casual lines are plainly seen, reflected in the great care taken in the choice of materials and finishes. 
It is the casual lines and the dark winter shades, such as navy blue, black and brown, that will highlight the details of the bright, fluorescent colours.
Ambition can be seen in all the items and in every detail associated with the goal of positioning the customer like the brand name, further ahead.