Júlio Torcato
File #001 - Wake Up

The impact of Man on nature is a determining factor for the accelerated increase in the number of endangered species. Research shows that around 1 million species of animals will have disappeared by 2050. In 31 years' time. Uncontrolled and recreational hunting and fishing, deforestation, global warming and pollution destroy habitats and ecosystems. Over the last thousands of years, many species have become extinct.
Awareness must be raised, listening to what the planet is asking for.
The Fall/Winter 19/20 collection, in the new presentation format, is a symbolic, small-scale wakeup call for a much bigger problem; it is our way of making a contribution. Ten outfits in greens and blacks, electric blue and moss green, burgundy and grey. In materials such as eco leather, recycled polyester, cotton, wool and jersey knits.