Luís Buchinho
This season, Buchinho researched the uniform used by female pioneers of aviation in the forties – a time when clothing should come with a lifetime guarantee of utility.
A full squadron of powerful female flying aces will take off at Luis Buchinhos’s Fall Winter 2019/2020 show. It’s easy to imagine the propellers turning when we see the variations of  Amy Johnson’s headgear, jumpsuits and bomber jackets. The luxurious leather marks the season mixed with fake fur, flannel, knits, wool boucles and felt.
Every single one of his giant-collared shearlings, aviator-drab overcoats, jackets and every hybrid thereof have particular graphic variations of volume, shape and buckle detail.
World War II nose art imagery, dominated by female pin-ups to help boost the morale of the soldiers fighting in stressful battles with high probabilities of death inspired Luis Buchinho’s prints.
Geometric, stiff and composed of zones of matte and shine, with leather dimpled and fake fur, Buchinho mixes casual things with classic and manipulates materials and colors to create graphic silhouettes for women who want to break down barriers of gender bias: strong, affirmative and sexy.
Sir David Adjaye’s  diverse designs and innovative use of materials and light were also a strong drive to design the whole collection, mostly the modelling and the patterns .